Thursday, June 24, 2010

One for Chaos

It is suddenly extremely hot and many of the plants have singed tips. I ramped up the water hopefully enough to stay off the increase in temperatures. We shall see.......

The Morning Glory are starting to come on with vigor.

The Echanacea are enjoying the heat.

The contrast of purple with burnt orange is striking and and all I can do is react with startled fondness.

This one is for you!

This photo belongs in the Chaos Series and that is surely where it will go.

No squash yet on the Turk's Turban, just flowers.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Balance Will Be Restored

Alot of time has passed and it seems like time is going way too fast or there is essentially no time whatsoever. But it is time to back up a bit and post the recent going's on so that at least I can take it from here. So let's start with the Iris Bed which has been re-worked. All of the Hottentot has been removed and I found it to be really healthy, and stealing the health from everything in it's way. So because it wasn't behaving "neighborly", I booted it right out of the garden! In it's stead I planted this Cape Plumbago and about 40 Daffodils that came from the Community Gardens up in Boulder City. They had to be relocated as they were incidently excavated when trying to get rid of the Sun Chokes that had completely overtook a section of the community gardens. I have had the opportunity to experience about three different plants that should be banned from community gardens, Sun Chokes (Jeruselum Artichokes), Mexican Primrose, and Mint.) The bed that I am working on up at the Boulder City Community Gardens has all three planted in it and I feel fortunate in a wierd twisted way to have been able to reconquer that bed from the clutches of havok. But get this! In my enthusiasm, I neglected to take a before photo! Oh well... you will just have to use your imagination.

But back to Black Mountain Garden, the Main Bed is a flourish of many plantings hidden by the vigor of the items in the mid-ground. There are Lemon Cucumbers inside there along with a Zucchini which I don't think is very happy, but the Sunflowers are happy, or at least they make me happy......

The Shaded Bed is not in the shadows mid-day only in the morning and evening which is unusual, but it is planted with Corn and a few Tomatoes and Ornamental Squash planted to drape over the front, then the walkway will have to be abandoned or at least carefully manuveured.
The Catnip is flowering and there are Pickling Cucumbers planted to the left, with Coriander that needs to be harvested and I actually planted Green Giant Melon seeds in the pot too, to take over and cascade out of the pot and rest on the carpet of Catnip because that is just way to much Catnip, so I will cover it with something, then balance will be restored.

Here is the Green Room which is the Green House that is designed to be completely covered with vines. It is planted with Green Beans and Lime Basil with Armenian Cucumbers that are starting to climb up the mesh. There is another piece of mesh as part of the design which I will put up shortly. The Corn is in flower and it is beautiful. I haven't grown Corn before so it is a real treat to learn about it's nuances.

The Armenian Cucumber flowers are abundant. They are vivacious. So with that, may you all find vivaciousness in your gardens!
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!