Friday, August 27, 2010

Squash Invasion

In the dark stormy sky, I look up at what looks like a flying saucer overhead.

Then another one flies in and now there are two.

This is amazing!

thanks Honey!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day in August

I've wanted to make a calendar with each day's harvest representing it's calendar day. I would bring the items in, early in the morning, lay them out on the cutting board and snap a photo to represent that day. The following photos are days in August and they are somewhat out of order , it's an upload thing. I started working on the draft around the 26th. The photo above is from August 27th. It consists of Armenian Cucumbers, Ornamental Squash (2 varieties) and a Patty Pan Squash.

The harvest for August 28th is Armenian Cucumbers and Long Purple Eggplant.

August 30th's harvest is more Armenian Cucumbers. Now the month is fully represented. The 1st through the 26th photos follow.

This photo represents the harvest from August 7th, those are Peruvian Peppers. (No those are not my hands!)

More Peruvian Peppers with Bell Peppers starting to change color, August 15th.

August 16th, Armenian Cucumbers and a slightly overripe Pickling Cucumber (whoops.)

August 17th, Armenian Cucumbers and a slight blur on the focus (note to self).

August 18th, Apples are starting to fall from the tree and this Cherry Tomato was all alone so I brought him in.

August 20th, more Armenian Cucumbers, and another Cherry Tomato.

August 26th, Armenian Cucumber and Patty Pan Squash.
August's temperatures where up around 108 degrees for most of the month. When it is so hot outside, it can be discouraging because you see the potential, then you ponder "that" possibility that was side railed because of the heat. I remember feeling a little discouraged, which is why I decided to make the calendar. In looking back, August was actually better then I remembered, and I am really look forward to September!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Kinda Place

Recently I traveled to Taos, New Mexico with my mom to visit my niece. Of course I took alot of photos, and a good majority of them are garden related, and some are just devastatingly beautiful scenes, so I course I had to share them with you because you, as I, have vivacious garden appetites, and we must be fed. Today's menu consists of lots of greens and rustic architecture.

This old house sits on the main street of Taos, and it is a familiar icon to all who have lived there. I lived in Taos about 20 years ago and this house was vacant then, and it still is today.

Can you see the rocks along the top of the front wall?
Take a moment here. Notice the shades of green, the shingles and the motif on the gable of the garage, the construction of the garage doors, the detail of the fence, the lattice under the screened porch and the shadow of the trees on the roof.

Can you see the rocks place along the roof line, and the fence detail and all of the different colors of green paint for the fence, patio, and outbuilding's doors and trim? They are all different shades of green.

It's my kinda place.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Color Chaos and Sprawl

Every once in awhile I take a photo that is my absolute favorite. This one is perfect for the Chaos Series.

The Armenian Cucumbers are amazing! I have picked about 15 and there are currently 7 forming on the vine. It is wonderful to have something grow that is extremely prolific. I want to shout from the rooftops, but nobody would get me.....
Don't you want to pat the left cheek of this sunflower with reassuring words so that it will fatten up? I love sunflowers. Some are starting to hang downwards as big black flower heads.
I am curious about the Pickling Cucumber vine to see how large it will become. There are 6 plants huddled together and I have picked 2 Cucumbers already. I am saving them to make more pickles in the next few days.

The Green Machine Melon is all over the place. It is growing up the wall lattice, up the sunflowers and Plum tree, and rambling down the path. I will miss this dense green look in the winter. Chaos will fade away and everything will become tidy and the path will be seen again. Or not....... I haven't deadheaded some of the flowers, because it is like a bookmark of where they were not long ago and they still catch the moonlight.

Here are the Ornamental Gourds escaping the bed and trying to get at my feet. You should see the vine supports this thing throws out. They are about a foot long on this one plant. Maybe it's been genetically crossed with a catfish!
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