Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pearls for Normal Folk

The blue Borage is flowering! Quick, someone freeze the flowers in icecubes for later!
I'd do it but apparently I am too busy relocating shrubs against the house.
I tore out the two small wooden raised boxes that were filled with lettuce (can you believe I did that? seriously, we are talking about food here!) and dropped in the shrubs like 3 pearls against the foundation while also taking away my shortcut to the sideyard storage area. (can you believe I did that?) This area has always been a major flood washout during any rain event. I haven't planted anything against the house before because in my mind nothing will grow in rocks that has had all of the topsoil washed away from it. But then, last year the canna seemed to survive the torrent, so hopefully the leaves of the shrubs will buffer the rainfall and we can have foundation plantings like normal folk!
I also relocated the Donna Darlin rose under the far window, a much better location then where it was before and I am hoping that it will like the partial shade.
Ultimately I am preparing to plant a climbing rose on the arbor. I have decided on a climbing white Iceberg rose. I also am going to plant a pale pink climbing rose against the house and let it fan out against the wall between the windows. I have decided on a climbing Pearly Gates rose. Can you imagine?
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Garden on!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snapshots and Thoughts

Here is a long overdue update of the garden. This is what the garden looks like from my patio. These snapshots of the different vantage points will help to show what changes have been made since my last posts.

Here is the bevel bed planted with winter vegetables consisting mostly of lettuce, broccoli and purple cabbage. The eucalyptus had shaded this bed so it is in sun until the apricot tree leaves out again.
Two new kumquat trees have been added flanking either side of the walkway to the hot tub. The circular retainer brick seen in the foreground will be added around the base of the new kumquat tree repeating the pattern. I am searching for something to line the pathway (shown on the left) that will hold back the rock. I previously had lined the path with medium sized cobalt black rock but they would eventually topple into the pathway as someone stepped over them, or by dragging the hose around, so I either have to replace them with something else, or pour a small concrete curb and embed the black rock into the curbing and that seems soooo daunting that for right now I am just stepping over the whole thing waiting for an epiphany.
Here is my little somewhat secluded corner. I have been looking for some type of vine, preferably evergreen to plant against the trellis. Grapes are out, roses are out (maybe...), annuals are out, so the search continues.....
Here is the view of the garden from the back patio. I really like the black just doesn't stay put!
From this perspective you can see the garden without the eucalyptus! I am going to be searching for ways to cover the walls this summer!
Thanks for visiting! Garden on!