Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicken Posturing

 Here is the chicken coop that I am building. I haven't quite commited to having chickens yet but by the time I am finished building it, I will have sorted that all out.

The inside has a screen floor with a PVC ladder and a shelf with nesting boxes that can be lifted out for cleaning.

The lid lifts up to reveal the nesting boxes and it provides a little bit of ventilation that will have to be modified for winter, but for now it keeps the coop from being a roaster.

Here is the picture of the roof with the hinge that allows both sides of the roof to be lifted up. 

It has been a blast to build! I have to admit that I built it completely with a handsaw because coffee is my drug of choice and I can't be trusted with power saws after my 4th cup!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! To all of my gardening friends,  carry on and hurry back!

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