Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting for Lily

The orange daylilies are close to opening and could be any day now. I threw a couple more black rocks around the base of the sundial,
Checked on the zinnia that are really starting to take hold,

And notice, zinna down! Feeling a sudden kinship with early Nevada pioneer women, I contemplated what it must have felt like for them to see all of their efforts devastated by tidal waves of grasshoppers. I then briefly contemplated the romanticism of pesticide-free gardening. Put on your boots girls, the grasshoppers are coming.

I got a new pair of gardening gloves in a lovely pale blue and just in time too because this cactus needs to be divided.


  1. Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading your past posts and am excited you love daylilies too! I was introduced to daylilies 3 yrs ago and that is the reason I started blogging...have gone crazy with mail orders and can't wait for my first one to bloom this season! Your irises are beautiful..also a new-found plant for me to!

  2. I'm glad you posted a picture of your zinnia, because my tags have all gotten lost and now I'm trying to identify the seedlings by the leaves before I put them in the pots! lol Cheers!