Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get it Bird Cheap

Michael and I went to get more boulders from a nearby dirt landfill. A couple of landscapers had dumped boulders and river rock from landscape makeovers and it was hidden among the hundreds of dirt piles. What a find. This would have been our 3rd trip, and I had my heart set on working with huge boulders and constructing a stone seat in the shade behind the tree and adding more mass behind the top of the dry stream bed. I was so disappointed that the land fill had been leveled over and all of those huge boulders now sit buried below the surface. I like my boulders bird cheap so I will have to wait until I am gifted a few tons of large boulders in Apache Gold to fulfill that vision.

Really I just love rock work and I am intriqued by places where there are old stone walls, and buildings and houses constructed of local rock. Places that have beautiful local stone are really quite special and possess increased Chi because of the stone. Here we have the local rock, but it disintegrates over time especially when you add water. It must have something to do with the "once was an ocean" part of Nevada's history.
Two new perennials are being introduced to Black Mountain Garden, Black Eyed Susans and Purple Cone Flower. I have planted them by seed, and just planted the Black Eyed Susans in accord with Moon Gardening, being as though I am getting a late start on things. The virtual Black Eyed Susans in the photo above are spray can applied via microsoft Paint. I grew up in Missouri, and I remember Black Eyed Susans growing along the roadway and in the ditches. I guess if it grows neglected along the road elsewhere in the country, it might like this Nevada desert garden.
I am also considering a really dark red hollyhock for the sunning bed. I have seen a couple in my travels, and one was almost a black red, and really intriquing. I think the dark red and red would be stunning together. I am hoping to gather seeds from the first few flowers in a couple of weeks. Can you hear the bird?
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On!

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  1. It's a shame that great rock has been buried
    ;-( I just had to pay for a nice boulder (it weighed more than I thought, though--300+ lbs). It isn't all that big, either! I love rock and stone too...I am able to dig some up when I work in my yard, and I use them for small 'accents' throughout the garden areas. The big ones I have to pay for...and so far, I've done that only this one time. Probably won't do it again.