Monday, December 14, 2009

Delve In

Tomato Blossoms are delightful, but I am going to stop with all of the diversions. It is time to open the box of plastic for the greenhouse and get it ready for installation.

I ordered 18 linear feet from ACF Greenhouses but the company shipped 14 ft. instead. Oh great, that's totally blows. I'll let Wrangler call them and square it up tomorrow.
I had ordered extra footage so that I would have a safety net, maybe use the extra to make cold frames, whatever. The idea of fitting the plastic onto the frame has been somewhat daunting, and I have been preparating myself, contemplating the folds and the way the pieces would be cut and with the least cuts possible.
But something about today was different. It crossed my mind a little after 10:00 that hey, it was a perfect idea. I felt confident that whatever happened with the design and the way the folds would fall, it would all work out and that today was the day to delve in.
And it came together nicely. The batten is a nice product and I would highly recommend it. The quality of the 6 mil greenhouse plastic is nice and strong. I had made a few buffer strips from the batten to soften a few of the sharp edges in the wood at the angles. Once I got the door plastic secured, I had to go inside and check it out. Something about a greenhouse is so nurishing. It is like an overflowing pantry. It is a sweet, whispered promise of abundance, waiting to be filled with possibilities. I am happy the way this has come together, and altogether the experience has been alot of fun. I will prop open the door when it's sunny during the day as I am still working on the venting system, but I have moved the Asian Greens seedlings into the greenhouse so that they can get to growing.

Already the humidity is noticable inside. I also purchased a thermometer with a humidity guage so it will be fun to see what the temperature and humidity are in the morning.
Thanks for visiting. To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. That's a nice sized greenhouse, and you did a great job with the plastic. I look forward to seeing all that will grow in there.

  2. the Asian greens look very happy!
    I'm impressed-- you did a great job putting this together!

  3. Wow! Very impressive..your greenhouse looks great! Was it hard to build? I bet the tomato plant is enjoying its new home. Wrangler is so cute. : )
    Happy Holidays to you!