Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No You Didn't

Help me now, I have started gardening in black poly pots. This is what it has come to, but once I describe the contents to you, you will understand. In the center we have cabbage, except the center of the center pot, it is a califlower. There are beets in the end pots and they are called Bulls Blood, whoa. There are turnips and they are all white, and one lone gourmet fancy lettuce, unknown. They were from the University, they were going to get chucked, so hey, I planted all that I could, gave some away, and although Husband said we have enough raised beds, I kind of recall the last time something like this happened, dirt started to accumulate and it became another raised bed. I can see it all too clearly I guess is my point.

The Nandina are ablaze with color.

Here is another angle of the array.

The patio rabbit is from a garage sale. I used to have a white lopped earred rabbit so for a dollar I couldn't resist him. I told my Husband that they had the mate, a rabbit that was standing up on it's hind legs, and it was really cute, except it's ear was broken off, just needed a dab of glue. He said "Great now you are bringing broken stuff home from garage sales," and I assured him that I drew the line at broken stuff. Broken stuff is bad Feng Shui don't you know.

Rocks look good in the bonsai pot, but don't get too attached, it's too soon, we are not out of the woods yet.

Some of the Asian Greens were potted up in 6 packs. I am taking the cookie box to a friend's house and we are having a 6 pack potting party tomorrow, so the rest of the seedlings in the cookie box will be give aways. Can you see the Red Winter Kale in the top center?

Here is a lovely Peacock Purple Broccoli, with an excellent leaf form.

And here is a bronze and rose lettuce from the mesclun mix planted inside the greenhouse. Sometimes I feel like a color junkie, just like today.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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