Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baked Peas

I was making curtains for the french doors and totally spaced out the time, then it dawned on me that the green house was overheating so I dashed to open the door to vent it. The temperature was a balmy 105°. Whoops! So I propped the door open for a few days so as not to repeat the episode, then yesterday the plastic came down. The Snow Peas survived the heat and are covered with flowers. The Broccoli in the tubs are finished so they will become compost and be dug into the new bed along the backwall and something new will be planted in their place.

Here are the pure white Turnips that were planted in the fall that are today's harvest. One has been left to go to seed and as this was gifted from Leslie's workshop, and originally came from CSN, they might be heirloom and it is definately worth saving the seed to see if they will grow true again.

The pots were freshened up with Tomato Lady Soil, and Armenian Cucumbers were planted in the front of the pots to grow up the frame and become a mass of green overhead. In the center are Nasturiums that grow 6' long, a trailing variety that will also cover the green house frame. Towards the walkway in the raised pots are a bush variety Green Bean.
The plants in the Bevel Bed are leafing out and enjoying the warmth. It has been in the high 60°'s during the day. Some of the plants have flower clusters forming in the centers. The winter weather stunted their growth, but they are still growing in accordance to their individual DTM's. These plants were started indoors the day after Christmas so they have been growing for almost 60 days. This was a good lesson, that cold stunts, and DTM is DTM whether the plant is tiny or full size.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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