Monday, March 22, 2010

Help for Her Addiction

Here is the "official" first carrot of the season growing in the full shade bed. The "other"one was half the size, and I ate it and that is that.

Julie my neighbor gave me a mix of Heirloom Tomatoes which I then cut open and saved the seeds. After searching the names of a few on the internet, I believe two are Black Russian Pear (2nd from top left) and Black Zebra Cherry (lower left). When you save seeds, you don't know if it was crossed with something else at pollination, but saving seeds is a gamble that appeals to the Wrangler. I had to protect these cherry tomatoes from Julie's baby. He was popping them in his mouth as fast as he could as she shared them with me.

I belong to an online gardening group which I truly enjoy, (I belong to 3) and in one the thread it came up about gardening addictions and how to distract the husband while you unload a new purchase from the vehicle without him noticing. I shared how, when being confronted about if something is new, to avoid direct eye contact and immediately comment on the weather. It was a funny thread. Later in thinking about it, it shed new light on the little gardening pictures that I have in my kitchen. In the picture of the couple on the left, she is praying for the crop's harvest and the season, and he is praying for her. And in the one on the right, her man has already run off!
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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