Monday, March 8, 2010

New Bed 7

I removed all of the rock that had been accumulating for 3 years from the back corner and filled in the next new bed with Tomato Lady Soil. This will be called Bed Seven.

The Burgandy Plum is flowering and to the right is the location for the Medicinal Herbs bed. So far it contains Echinacea and Lemon Grass.

Here is the vantage from the same location and you can see the new bed with plantings of Catnip and Echinacea and Mexican Primrose on the lower right. There is also Catnip and Corriander in the barrel. Far in the distance you can make out the new compost tumbler that I purchased from Lowes. It was $88 on sale and is really a nice design.

The wall of Peas are just touching the 6 foot mark.

There are Lettuces at their feet.

Penstemmon are flowering all over the garden.

I've been busy planting seeds and transplanting seedlings.

This is the photo for the archives of the Seasonal Changes of the Main Bed in Spring 2010.
And here is the update of the Poppies that were broadcast in the half abandoned walkway.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. Seedlings already! I'm so jealous of your climate. Well today at least. It's cold outside! They claim snow! Great idea to name your beds. I've been thinking of doing this. There are so many now, it's starting to get confusing!

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful -- I'm in awe of your peas!!! I was thinking of planting some today -- it's warm right now 58 degrees and it's close to our stated last frost date of March 15 I'm in PA -- so maybe I will!!!
    Wondering how you like your compost tumbler? I've been digging holes wherever it's open and covering my kitchen waste. I'm thinking of doing something neater like your tumbler.

  3. Laura and Judy, Thank you for visiting. I look forward to visiting your gardens. Judy, I bury scraps too, and I was thinking I could easily bury the not quite cooked compost too, if the inkling hit me. It's really about keeping the "nutrients" on the property and feeding the worms. Garden On!

  4. Oh my! That wall of peas is fantastic! Everything looks so beautiful!

  5. Thank you for visiting Queenacres. I hope everyone visits you to see your new baby Nubians. They are adorable!