Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Color Chaos and Sprawl

Every once in awhile I take a photo that is my absolute favorite. This one is perfect for the Chaos Series.

The Armenian Cucumbers are amazing! I have picked about 15 and there are currently 7 forming on the vine. It is wonderful to have something grow that is extremely prolific. I want to shout from the rooftops, but nobody would get me.....
Don't you want to pat the left cheek of this sunflower with reassuring words so that it will fatten up? I love sunflowers. Some are starting to hang downwards as big black flower heads.
I am curious about the Pickling Cucumber vine to see how large it will become. There are 6 plants huddled together and I have picked 2 Cucumbers already. I am saving them to make more pickles in the next few days.

The Green Machine Melon is all over the place. It is growing up the wall lattice, up the sunflowers and Plum tree, and rambling down the path. I will miss this dense green look in the winter. Chaos will fade away and everything will become tidy and the path will be seen again. Or not....... I haven't deadheaded some of the flowers, because it is like a bookmark of where they were not long ago and they still catch the moonlight.

Here are the Ornamental Gourds escaping the bed and trying to get at my feet. You should see the vine supports this thing throws out. They are about a foot long on this one plant. Maybe it's been genetically crossed with a catfish!
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. I love plants when they grow together and don't have that formal look. I'm not really into hedging my your plants look like perfection to me:)

  2. Well, I would get you :-) My Armenian cucumbers grew so beautifully this year that I plan on putting some in the front yard next year. Just the leaves and flowers alone are enough for me. Add to that the yummy cucumber and it's a win/win. Plus, they withstood the abuse of two hungry, produce loving dogs. I love em'.