Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Kinda Place

Recently I traveled to Taos, New Mexico with my mom to visit my niece. Of course I took alot of photos, and a good majority of them are garden related, and some are just devastatingly beautiful scenes, so I course I had to share them with you because you, as I, have vivacious garden appetites, and we must be fed. Today's menu consists of lots of greens and rustic architecture.

This old house sits on the main street of Taos, and it is a familiar icon to all who have lived there. I lived in Taos about 20 years ago and this house was vacant then, and it still is today.

Can you see the rocks along the top of the front wall?
Take a moment here. Notice the shades of green, the shingles and the motif on the gable of the garage, the construction of the garage doors, the detail of the fence, the lattice under the screened porch and the shadow of the trees on the roof.

Can you see the rocks place along the roof line, and the fence detail and all of the different colors of green paint for the fence, patio, and outbuilding's doors and trim? They are all different shades of green.

It's my kinda place.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. This is an adorable place. I'd love to live there!

  2. Me too! I can see a patina'ed old tourquise chevy pickup in the driveway with chickens running around everywhere! Ahhh, to dream.....