Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blazin Desert

Lilies are ablaze and they reign in the garden right now. There is also a new lily added to the lily bed. It's called Assorted Lily, just kidding but really. I read it twice.
It's the lovely deep purple with a green center. It would look great next to the surprise lily from the plant rescue which happens to be a deep rich yellow.
Chaste Trees have been added to the area behind the main bed, one on the left between the butterfly iris, slightly hidden from view and one just below the mountain. They are our equivalent to a lilac bush. They will become small trees and will shade the walking path, and also buffer some of the reflective heat. The directional sign in the distance is as follows:

A little garden art using a tree stake and palet planks with green, red and blue acrylic paint. Husband wanted to write our elevation on the back with a pencil. He headed out to scribe until I convinced him that our elevation should go with the next sign I intend to make, 'Hummingbird Trail'. We can't get our horizontals and verticals mixed up now can we?
Cannas have started to bloom. They are orange mottled, and also there are red ones that should follow soon and are a smaller variety. The wind has kicked back up and these two are slap happy, so no close ups, please.

Garage sailing :) I found these glass voltive holders for a dollar and thought they'd make great rain gauges in the cactus garden, still under construction.
Thanks for visiting! To all my gardening friends, Carry On!


  1. I've been admiring the pictures of your garden. It's so nice to see something other than the usual 'desert landscaping' around here.

  2. These are amazing pictures! I love what you have done with this space. I recently bought a hobby farm in upstate NY and am trying to gather all kinds of gardening/landscaping ideas...

    Thank you for sharing!