Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bliss with my Coffee

The temperature is perfect outside. The day started with coffee on the sunning patio lasting for about 10 minutes. I have been working in the garden all morning and here it is 2:00 pm already.
I repotted the pink Kalanchoe and placed it in the protected area behind the pillar with the cactus and succulents. It will stay outside now and eventually find it's place beside the brilliant red Kalanchoe for their early spring flower show.

Admiring the purple and green contrast in the distance, the upper walkway beacons for more description. My choices were 3/4 in. granite to define the walkway edge, or cedar mulch. Rock retains heat and this is a hot spot so I decided on the cedar.

I like this product and recommend it to my natives. Growwell is located off Cheyenne south of Nellis AFB. They also have bulk material if you are going the distance and are going to cover a
large area.

The cedar mulch is in place, the walkway looks more defined and the central bed is more balanced bringing more attention to the drystream bed.

Light reflective rock would not have had the same effect. Time for the Dance of Joy!

Here is the Pygmy Barrel Cactus. Isn't the color amazing? The little cactus garden is still under construction and slowly progressing along. I am using rocks discovered by the shovel as I carry about, so it is an ongoing work. More on it later.

Thanks for visiting. In support of Gardening,..... Carry On!

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