Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bouquet of Red Lilies

The red lily was ablaze this morning and there was a complete bouquet waiting to be discovered. A nice cobalt vase would be nice with these.

The red Chard planted earlier this season is growing nicely. I love Northern Lights Chard. More chard seedlings have sprouted,

This is one of 3 seedlings from seeds sown directly in the cedar mulch. The mulch isn't seedling friendly, especially with Symba loose in the garden. The water bottle collar seems to be working and they don't have to be watered as frequently as little cups would. I mixed some of my first compost into the mix,

I might have been a little hasty because it can burn, but it looked great and I couldn't wait and so far the only outcome has been a stowaway seedling that looks like a tomato plant. I will update you more on that later.

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