Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iris and Right Now

This post is really about Iris, but I have to live in the now, and now I am also blanching peas to freeze.

With each new bloom that appears in the garden, the Iris they just keep getting better and better. Puccini is blooming and it is Michael's favorite.

This is our first spring with strawberries. Definately a nice garden addition.

And this Red Delicious Apple is not supposed to do well in our region (although they did sell it at the nursery which is where I picked it up, go figure....) So time will tell. Hopefully we will get some apples. There are a rediculous amount of blossoms and bees. Isn't that a good sign?

Can I just smudge this color onto my face? California Poppy eye, check and lip color, with flowers behind the ears and I'll be ready to go. Oh yeah, Iris....

This was a gift from Julie my neighbor although I'm still thinking about eye color.

This is from Leslie (lip color) I have taken photos of these to take to the Iris Sale so hopefully the photos that they have available, will help me be able to identify this one. The previous Iris is an old-timey one so it's name is forever lost with the people that planted it up at Mount Charleston. You can tell by it's appearance that it is an older variety because of it's narrow falls.

This one is called White Fox and I purchased it from the Iris sale last June.

And this is an unknow Space Age variety because of it's horns (the beards that have an unusual flair) and you can see how they lift in the photo (the beard is the catepillar). I am still trying to identify the name of this one.
I feel like donning some dramatic eye color changing my name....
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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  1. Your peas are amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing some with me. :) I'm also in LOVE with your flowers. Great plan for the make-up palate!