Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Soft Spoken Tour

Here is a video of the iris in bloom in my garden. It was a lot of fun to walk around and tape it because of the newness of videoing the garden, and panning, and walking around while trying to avoid fall hazards.

It is also a perfect medium for personal introspection to listen to yourself as you candidly speaking to yourself, recording it for others.

I usually delete most of the photos of myself, because I think they don't accurately represent who I think I am, or at least not the me that happens to be operating the camera delete button. It is also true for recorded messages, apparently I also don't sound like myself either, so I am pleased that this seems to have passed the editing process, at least for now............

The inner "soft spoken tour guide" me, hopes you enjoy the show.

Thank you for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back.

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