Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get On With It

It's time that I just started writing. I have wanted to start the Gardens in Desert Garden Blog for a couple of weeks now, and have been hesitant because the computer is acting up. So hopefully I can post this before the computer freezes up again.

The little blue grape hyacinths "muscari" are starting to peek above the surface. This is an exciting time, if you are familiar with the large hyacinths at the nursery, these have the same look in a petite form. I discovered them in the backyard of an old house we lived in when I was a girl. I stumbled upon them next to the garage, and they were so magical, neglected, and perfect, planted many years before, and what a surprise. So they are special to me and especially to find them at the nursery here in Nevada! I bought 4 dozen as they were on clearance mid January, and I am so pleased!

I have been considering using tree staking poles to define the edges and walkway of the lily bed and pathway from the side porch. I decided against the chiquaqu fence which would have been two poles horizontally placed four inches apart on 2 foot tall pieces posted into the ground. It would have looked striking, however would have detracted from the smaller plantings, so I decided to go with poles nestled into the ground, cut at 45 degree corners and used as a formal edging. They will decay in a year or two, but they fit in nicely with the feel of Black Mountain Garden.

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