Monday, March 16, 2009

New cushions for the sunning patio

I made new cushions for the sunning patio. I used the last set as a pattern, and reused the foam. It was a daring choice over the previous fabric, but they turned out nice. Symba likes the new look.

Symba is our 4 year old siamese cat. He is getting over a respiratory infection. Someone trapped him, and put him in the night depository at the pound! So after he was gone a day, I called and they said the siamese they had might be my cat. When I got there, he was tramatized, and had clawed his nails down to the quick in the metal cage. Then, a few days later he had to go to the vet because of a respiratory infection. I'm on the lookout for the culprit.

I decided to make a the walking path around the the central bed with granite chat, with a few tons of 3/4 inch stone for other surface areas of the garden. We spread the chat and 1 ton of the rock last week, and finished installing the tree poles around the lily bed which makes that area look more tidy.
The peach tree is in full bloom glory. Last year it was a patio tree and didn't bloom because of the shady spot it was in. So this year makes up for last.

The purple iceplant from Ladybug Nursery in Boulder City, is blooming, and this year we added the orange, and hope that it likes it's sunny spot. Today I saw some red flowering iceplant, and I have designs for that because the three of them together would be amazing.

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