Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last years plantings

Last year I planted yellow allysum from seed. It didn't flower until this year. It is subtle but this area needs something low to the ground and yellow is perfect for this area of the garden, in feng shui, this is the center bagua. Symba is still on his medicine which make his eyes look even more oriental.
I planted seeds yesterday in whatever I could find. I was cutting plastic bottles to use the bottoms, saw the cooler trays from the camping equipment and said hey, the cooler trays are perfect for seedlings. I planted Northern Lights chard, purple and green basil, red and blue lobelia, red allysum, catnip, purple coneflower, and mix colors of zinna, red yellow, pink and orange. A little misting everyday and they will be on their way.
Last year I went to the Las Vegas Iris Society's Iris Sale, held the last weekend in June. I bought 3 single iris risomes, Hula Hands, Vizer, and October Storm. They wintered over and now the leaves are fanning, and I am excited to see if they will bloom this year. It was great to meet the Iris Society, and to discuss their varieties of iris, learn a little, and bring home the gems.

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