Sunday, March 22, 2009

All about the Hyacinth

The little grape hyacinth are delightful and I would love to have field of them. They are nestled beneath the eucalyptus and will get shade as the tree gets bigger. I placed them next to the rocks edges so that they won't get disturbed by the flowers to come. I have sprinkled blue lobelia along the rocks, and purple alyssum too. Last year's alyssum self seeded and there are hundreds of little seedlings in white, pink, dark pink and light and dark purple.

We have had a little cold spell, and the wind has picked up to 35 mph. Mid week it is to be 40 mph with 60 mph gusts. That is enough for me to appreciate the garden from the window, and only go out to sprinkle the seedlings when necessary.

I am contemplating how I will have morning glory in the garden. I have 2 packs of seeds, one baby blue and one the darker midnight blue. The winds up here on Black Mountain are quite strong which is a consideration, but also too is the blazing sun and the baking heat. Morning glory like full sun, but here in the desert their roots would need to be protected, late afternoon shade would be best. Another consideration is water conservation so I would want to incorporate them into an existing garden bed so that they could share water. I am designing either an arbor or a trellis, out of tree poles. I have about 10 tree poles left over from the lily bed edging, and I am working on the outcome.

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