Monday, November 23, 2009

Boss of Your Garden

This is my Yoga post. I have a friend who started Yoga about a year ago and she is absolutely beautiful. I know I needed to exercise more, so I started doing Chi Gong again, and added Yoga, so I am doing them both, and they meld beautifully and I like the results. I mention this because I bend incorrectly. I guess I always have. I bend at my mid back and my back hurts. I lift incorrectly too. My husband yells at me to correct me all of the time. So as we must not overlook the lovely faint violet cast to the petal's tips, we must not overlook to bend properly even though we are hard core gardeners.
Here is a lovely form of as rose with violet cast, as we continue the subject. Consider placing your hands on your hips when you are crouched over and you are preparing to lift yourself up. Just by placing your hands on your hips you rise from the hips and your mid back is not used like a fulcrum. Then walk around with your hands on your hips because you are the boss of your garden!
And stand upright and breath deeply and when you bend over exhale, and when you come back up, hands on hips, inhale. I would recommend one week of yoga just for gardeners. You can continue with it if it suits you, but your back would greatly benefit, and the impression of how to bend and breath correctly is invaluable to us because gardening is back breaking work they say.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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