Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Rosy Sunshine

I saw this amazing salvia, and prior to it's dying back for the winter I took a couple of sprigs to try to root in my kitchen. Try is the appropriate word, as this is not the time of year to start cuttings, and especially if you don't use a starting powder, which I never have. But there is the slightest green leaf in the middle of the stem on the right that I am watching, and life at the base by the soil that is promising so I offer this to you for your prayers and let's hope that it survives. The result, I promise will be amazing!

For the kitchen I picked up this Devil's Wing Begonia, and although it looks rough and tattered by the wind at the nursery, it has nice form and replaces the orchid that now lives by the sink, so that I can remember to water it almost every other day. Let's take a moment to respect orchid enthusiasts because their watering tasks are relentless.

I purchased this inexpensive juicer and thought I had better juice up the limes that Beverly gave me from her tree, now that someone gave me a new bag of lemons. Lemons are in season now, but limes don't do well here in Las Vegas, and that fact that she had a lime tree is amazing, but I wouldn't run out and get one. She has hers backed up to a fireplace chimney and mentioned it as a strong argument as to how it has survived the winters here. But back to the juicer, you can see that the unit can also be used as a mortar using the piece at the left as the pestle.

Which is how I juiced the pomegranates to make pomegranate jelly. I removed all of the bitter pith, juiced the fruit and then started making jelly right away. If you let it sit over night, it will separate and become clear but then that portion with the solids is tossed and that decreases the quantity by roughly a third or so.

Here is the color and the clarity of the jelly without it being separated, and although getting the juice from pomegranates is a lot of work, it is delicious and well worth it, it's Rosy Sunshine!
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. Such a thrill when new growth takes hold...can't wait to see it thriving! I have plants all over my kitchen island~there's no room for anyone to sit at the stools~it's MY place for all those water hungry plants :)
    That jelly looks yum, Laura!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I am with you. I was talking to someone describing the shelving that I am going to get with florescent lights per shelf and place it in the diningroom for seedlings and for my houseplants, 6'X4' and they weren't getting me! I think you understand me!