Monday, April 6, 2009

Bonsai, Rhubarb and Apple Blossoms

The Las Vegas Bonsai Club had their spring show at Plantworld Nursery last weekend. I love bonsai, but I have had three and one day without watering and there is absolutely no grace. I like cactus for that very reason because with cactus, at least you get that next day.

The upcoming Las Vegas Iris Society and the Las Vegas Valley Rose Society shows are both on April 18th. The Rose Society was at Plantworld Nursery with a table set up to promote their upcoming event. We gabbed with the members and they showed us their roses that they had brought from their own gardens. Michael and I are planning to go to both events.

We bought a rhubarb while we were there and it will be planted in the lily bed under the apple tree so that it can have some filtered light and a little protection from the blazing summer sun.

Now for the update of Black Mountain Garden. The white and pink hawthorns are in bloom.

The apple tree is starting to leaf out and burst into blossom.
And the first of the penstemmon are starting to flower.

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