Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bean Shreads

Radishes make me smile. They must be sown repeatedly, so put that on the list somewhere.

Jim from mg class gave me a bag of roasted green chile. It was really hot but delicious, so I am retaliating with bags of fresh herbs.

The basil can be dried for later use, and the chopped chives are ready to go into the freezer to be used anytime.
Here is the update on the purple top turnips. DTM is 55 days which will be Oct. 27th. They seem to be on schedule.

The beans are not happy in the windy location by the apple tree. I pondered what could be done. When a plant is not right for a particular location, there is no good to come of it, and you are postponing the inevitable. With that in mind, I contemplated my choices. They beans look healthy despite being ripped to shreads. I remember reading that green beans will not set fruit if it's windy. Oh great! So it looks like I either scrap the green beans, or the traveling pots will have to be moved to get out of the wind.

So my options are to transplant some of the newly sown seeds to a new bed down on the ground, where they will be somewhat protected from the wind. I removed the rockpile that surrounded the cactus garden, and potted up the cactus for destination unknown,
and started another raised bed out of redwood. Lettuce can go in the front, and this bed is suitable for a coldframe later on.

Of course there was a huge rock right where the center post was to go. (Pickax gardening to the rescue.) I am going to remove the inside dirt a few inches, install a plastic liner on the interior and waterguard the outside of the wood. Then I am going to fill it with Tomato Lady Soil, and it will be ready to plant.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. Good luck to your beans in their new location.

  2. Thank you Mary Delle, seems to be working!