Saturday, October 3, 2009

Western Zen

Yesterday everyone in mg class was asked whether or not they had a garden theme. I described my garden theme to the group. It is called Western Zen. It is described as In the desert but not of the desert. I hope to convey a western sense, after all, it is hard to escape in the air and the sky and the creatures that come to visit. Even the cat is dusty. But I have the strong emotional need to convey that the pioneer wagon kept on moving and that there is hope here and green pastures, and that everything has a place and all is properous, and abundant. This led to Wild Desert Lush, and after a rain it is descriptive of Western Zen, but that is just for fun, like when you have your boots on.

So the best way to describe it is to go back to some of my favorite garden photos (indulge me here, as you may have seen these before,) that convey that sense of what I am trying to acheive, what feeds my soul, and this was the point of the lecture, (a very good lecture I might add) that your garden must intrinsically make you happy. So here are some of my favorite photos which for me convey my garden style, my Western Zen.

Om....... Western Zen is also descriptive of my interior decorative style as well. (Hey, No boots in the house!)
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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