Sunday, October 4, 2009

Runaway with the Show

I've heard of people wanting to run away with the circus. I want to run away with the Boulder City Art Festival, just for the weekend. First I must say that this particular booth was the 3rd or 4th booth we happened upon, and all of the pieces were spectacular, and then I saw this piece in the center and just broke out crying. I couldn't help it. The photographs were magnificent. The artist was standing there and he noticed me, and I thought to myself that he just counted me amongst all of the others that this happens to, like there is a whole bunch of us.

Then we walk into this booth and it was too soon for I had not fully recovered.

My husband doesn't know what to think. I tell him that I am okay, just that everything is so amazingly beautiful.

Creation, beginning, life, water, ice, snowflakes. So from this point I must control my thinking, and perhaps not internalize everything so much.

Can't be done. Let er rip. No actually I was similarly unaffected from then on, I just had to clear the air with some large metal sculptural insect pieces.

Bug armament changed my perspective completely.
I became carefree by floral delight.
And little flower frizzies.
Somewhat emboldened by the oversized brush and the warm colors.

Spritzed by cool primary and secondary colors.

Firmed up by the evergreens (assisted with a little copper wiring.)
I could see clearly again.
With gardening as perspective, it is delightful to see the continuity of everything imbued with plants and nature at an art show. Gardening has runaway with the show!
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. I don't cry. But you might have heard me wimpering over the things I couldn't afford to bring home.

    The photo of the sandstone reflected in the water was nice but I wanted the dragonfly. The pottery was too tempting too. My eyes glazed over looking :)

  2. WiseAcre,you are so funny. When I saw my lbfrcty (little bitty freekin' rock compared to yours)I laughed and thought of you.