Monday, October 12, 2009

Fair and Delightful

We headed out at about 4:30 pm to the Renaissance Fair, the annual event at Sunset Park in Las Vegas.
It is intriguing to see the different tribes with their encampments, the detail, and great lengths that they go to haul in their goods. Whoa, I'll be off.

Tree nymphs on a wooded trail are a memorable encounter.

I am impressed by those that don armor because of it's size and weight, and then there is "their sword play".

There is alot of dust in the air and it lends a faraway quality to the late afternoon light.
The ship was totally awesome and the water application was perfect.
This tribe of travelers had falcons on display,

Elevating their encampment to "elaborate squared".

Even the dogs seemed apropos. Far in the distance in the center of the picture, a group of children were taunting a Goliath of a man, which added even more dimension to the photo.

How can this be. It seems so real to be unreal.

Are they always seated so? It is ponderous. Is there tea?

I love it when the patrons dress up too.
Bellydancers are aways alluring.

There were alot of wares for sale. I happened upon these fairy houses and they are covered in sea glass mailed to the artisan from all over the world. They are extremely elaborate and very colorful. I hope you liked this year's fair.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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  1. I love Renaissance Fairs and how the folks really get into character! The costumes are a hoot, too! Thanks for sharing, Laura ;)