Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drenched and somewhat overexposed

It's lightly raining, with tiny snowflakes melting in descent. We don't typically have dramatic skies so I really appreciate clouds. The wind blew the iron patio chair into the house last night and popped a hole in the stucco. Gusts of 50 - 60 mph creating little patching choirs for the to do list. I love this photo. I reminds me of the coast.

These pictures are from yesterday. Here is the tulip blossom in full glory. I am going to have to relocate them. I planted them where they would get protection from the afternoon sun. Might be too bright still. I was a bit concerned about the quality of the photographs uploaded onto this blog. They seem sun drenched and somewhat overexposed. I have visited some other desert garden blogs and what I've noticed is that their pictures also have this quality. There are a couple in Las Vegas, and Phoenix, I am kinda new to this so I am not all hooked up yet.

Here are the latest photos of the cannas. They are just starting to leaf out. There are two kinds, one is orange with red dabbing and the other is a red that is smaller in form and simplier in flower. I am not going to rush off and find their latin names. I would if I were going to administer them to someone which I am not, instead I am more likely to just give them nicknames. I will share plant names as often as I can.

Here is one of the iris' that I had hoped to bloom it's first year. This is supposed to be October Storm. Let's all wait and see. So this weekend is the Las Vegas Iris Society's spring show. I had a cold last weekend, so I had to miss the plant sale at the Springs Preserve on Saturday. Did anyone go to the plant sale last weekend? Also it was State Fair weekend, and Easter.

Here is an update on the peach tree. We have peaches. I was tempted to reduce their numbers, but here in the desert the remaining ones would all fall off on their own, so time will tell what the proper course of action will be.

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