Thursday, April 23, 2009

Like a Cat in a Corner

Here is a lovely butterfly iris in bloom. They come in yellow also, but I prefer the white because of the purple and orange.

We went to Bonnie Springs up by Red Rock, outside of Las Vegas for a day trip. It is a spring tradition to go see the baby animals, and because there is a natural spring, with cottonwoods, native grasses, wildflowers, a pond with ducks and turtles, it is a nice little adventure. We didn't see any baby animals though, and alot of the animals from last year were no longer there. There were alot of peacocks, though.

There were some people there, but even Bonnie Springs is experiencing hard times right now.

We went to Cactus Joes on the way back home.

It is a gardener's paradise of color and form, and always an excellent place to visit.

The wandering pet pig stopped to pose for the camera.

Always nice to get home, though and check in on the garden and the cat.

Symba is seated on the wall in the corner. He is intrigued by the moths that resemble hummingbirds that flutter in the yard down below. I hope I can catch him before nightfall or I won't see him again until morning. We have coyotes in the surrounding hills, but I am not too concerned about the coyotes because of his wall walking ability.

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