Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Iris for the Iris Bed

Here are the new iris for the iris bed from the show yesterday. It is nice to have a theme for a garden bed. This is a baking spot with afternoon shade but too hot for the shade loving plants.

The names and photographs of the iris were placed on placards, and was very clever. This one is Wild Wings and makes me look forward to next spring.

Symba likes this spot for the iris named Puccini already in bloom. Check out the amazing detail.

The orange catepillar is something that all 3 of the new iris have in common. My Hula Hands iris purchased last June bloomed this morning.

It is a kaleidoscope of color, and well worth the wait. Next there is this unknown one,
already showing excellent form and ready to bloom. We have the first bloom of the California Poppies that were sprinkled in a couple of the beds.
The bamboo poles and chopsticks have become permanent fixtures in a couple of beds. They are to keep Symba from scratching at the seedlings.

Adorning them with marbles makes them magical.

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  1. That's hardwork Converting desert to garden...Awesome work..Keep it up.