Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Wonderful Surprise

In excitement for the iris to bloom, we watched as the tips appeared and revealed in suprise the first hint of yellow. This iris purchased from the iris sale last year, was to be Hula Hands, Red with white on the top (standard), with white and dotted purple below (fall). I am delighted that instead I purchased this one because it was my favorite yellow iris in the show this year.
The cactus are in bloom. I photographed this bee inside the flower and during the photograph he did about 5 somersaults in the pollen. I walked away as he somersaulted himself silly.

I love cactus. This is the first cactus in the cactus garden. The orange flowering aloe frost bit by the snow this winter is starting to come back. The purple wandering jew is a great plant for any location and is starting to take off. More on the wandering jew later.

I purchased a couple of bags of cedar mulch for the planting beds before making a full commitment, in order to make sure that the mulch would not blow all over the yard because of our windy hillside. This is cedar mulch and so far I love it and it really does retain moisture, alot more than I imagined. I purchased it from Growwell, in Las Vegas at the end of Cheyenne by Nellis. I wish I had learned this lesson years ago. Cedar mulch also is a natural insect repellent. Last October I met a scorpion in the hallway of our home, so I am all about that added benefit.
I have noticed about 9 ladybugs on the plants in the mulch today. I think my neighbor purchased the tub o' ladybugs at the nursery and they rode on the wind over here.

The yellow butterfly iris is in bloom in the front yard. I made mention of the white with yellow and purple last post, so here is the yellow, with spots of orange, brown, and black.

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