Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two maybe Three Garden Club Shows

Today was the Las Vegas Iris Society Spring Show, of course I arrived during judging so I snapped a couple of photos and had to leave. Can you imagine being escorted out of an iris show? But it wasn't like that. So here are the fabulous purple iris, and the next photo is my favorite yellow, that is all that I was able to snap. The yellow are Joyce Terry.

On the way out Michael and I met a couple of members of the Iris Society, and one was recently elected new president and soon will take office. She had iris available for sale so we walked out with 3 lovely new iris for the side patio bed, now deemed the iris bed.

The rose show was lovely and we have our favorites

This is Gizmo, a sweet little miniature rose.

This is in a container and named Orange Honey. We are learning to use macro on the camera, however switching back and forth for the long shots doesn't always pan out. So I appologize for the slightly blurry quality of the photos.

These are Playboy, and in the next photograph the pink are calledPlaygirl. Look at the ruffly edges. The quality of the photos is again from using macros. I'll master that.

Clear the palet with a simple white rose.

And a lovely yellow.In speaking with a couple of the members of the rose society, they highly praise a nursery known for it's roses named Otto and Sons in Fillmore, CA and make special trips to purchase their roses there because of the selection available.

There was also another Iris Show held at the Galleria Mall, but we didn't go. It's wonderful to have 3 spring garden shows in one day.

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