Saturday, September 26, 2009

Balzar's Cape

It's been twenty three days and the radishes look great and taste great too. Tomato Lady Soil is amazing!

Following the instructions from garden expert Leslie Doyle, I started mesclun lettuce in my little mini hot house. Alot of the seedlings resemble radishes, how ponderous.

The Lobelia is flourishing and hopefully it will self sow for next year.

The Northern Lights Chard is absolutely my favorite! These colors are fabulous! Everyone should have this array of color in the fall garden.

I've adjusted the water and now there are melons forming on the new growth in the melon patch. There are three fruits in the above picture.

One of the melons is an Armenian Cucumber. Here are two fruits growing inches apart. Now I must not adjust the water and just leave it alone.

Here is the silver reflective mulch. It will increase the amount of light in the raised bed, if it is affixed to the vertical wall surface. This is an extremely windy spot, so it must be stapled to a backboard and stood securely in place. Michael hasn't seen this milar yet. It is tucked in place to see how I respond to it, and so far it's not good. It is hella tacky, and fun house is not a relaxing garden motif. A disco ball also comes to mind and it is obvious why this product is an insect repellant. I think I have a new blind spot in my right eye. Balzar's Cape looked better in the bag.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. I have a few mini greenhouses I have saved to start seeds next spring. I'll try the mesclun now. Why wait till spring?

  2. Radishes in fall! I can only dream about it! Good job, Laura!