Sunday, September 27, 2009

Livin' Large

Yesterday we headed out to Searchlight, NV. It is rugged country located southeast of Las Vegas, and the drive down to the Colorado River from Searchlight can make one wonder what they are doing living so close to such an inhospitable place.
Cottonwood Bay has a small beach for frolicking in the sun and the frigid water.

The beach is right where the boat launch is, so floating petroleum products would interfere with all of the good clean fun.

A searchlight can be used to signal for help or to locate those that are in need of assistance. In this garden we have a play on the bottle tree (?) and a juxtaposition in contrasts between the naturalized drought non-tolerant cactus and a subtle water nuance represented by the boat. The paper and other white reflective pieces are left strewn about to convey a "devil may care" attitude.

Searchlight has some old abandoned equipment on the main thoroughfare, (as was the house in the last photo),

And a deserted mine is located right on the main highway back to Las Vegas. Property is available for purchase, and you can even find higher priced property without access for some uppity livin'.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. Boy those photos took me back. I spent a lot of time in Arizona along the Colorado and loved the year spent in the back country. Eventuall I had to go back east - I got homesick for the trees and green we take for granted here. Now I want to return during the winter, snow and cold isn't that charming with old bones :)

  2. Hi WiseAcre, I thought of your photo with the yellow fungi as we were on the road heading back home. There was yellow (flowers?) against the ground enmass between the scrub and I couldn't make it out at 75 mph. (Husband said we couldn't stop on the highway.) Seemed like they were flowers with no foliage, but now it's just a yellow blur...

  3. i LOVE the look of that old deserted mine....and really hate the oil film on top of the lake. I've enjoyed your blog this morning....i hope i'm as good of a gardener as you some day when i can focus more on gardening than raising children. :) yours is looking soooo amazing!

    p.s. thanks for the message about onions. i tried to stop by yesterday....but you were in searchlight. :)

  4. Hi I, you are a busy gal. Tell your little tikes I say hello! I'll pot up the chives for you.