Sunday, September 20, 2009

Donna's a Flirt

Over a year ago Michael and I went to Valley of Fire, and we took the back way via Lake Mead to return home. Out in the desert there is an old spring that "pours forth" and has created a little oasis and there is a mini lake with palm trees, and indigenous plants. We stopped there and saw the misquito fish or whatever they were, (they were minnows) and I saw this tiny little purslane type flowering plant with flowers that reminded me of sea anemone so I picked a 4 inch sprig and wrapped it in a wet tissue like a soppy vase and adoringly brought it home. The next day the sprig was still looking great so I said "Hey", and I went and plugged it into the yard by a dripper. It is now a little plant about 7 inches tall, and today I cut off a little sprig to make another one and placed it in the ground a little ways down. It has become one of my favorites and looks great against the rocks.

I have been waiting a week to plant my new additions to the garden. The White Rain Lily is planted now,
and the effect is a pleasing natural woodland,

The plant we'll call "Jack in the Box" is in the sunning bed next to the Penstemmons. Once it gets rambly it will look great in this more rugged setting.

I love the play of the powder green leaves against the pink rocks. This plant sits below the "Marbles on Staffs" garden art which is another play on orbs on sticks.
There is another melon in the melon patch. To have fruit indicates that there is ample water and that the plant has not shut down to reserve it's water for survival, (nor sacrificed its fruit!) Yeah, the plant is happy!

Here is the blindingly radiant Donna Darlin! Donna Darlin' dazzles and cannot be subdued! She is the brightest thing in the whole yard. I glance out and see Donna Darlin and say "Whoa," then "Wow!" She is flashy. She's a flirt.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!

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