Monday, September 7, 2009

Coming Into Focus

Fuzzy little peaches, fuzzy photo. With the camera out of focus, I contemplate whether the subject would make a good painting composition. Painter's eye so to speak, but then everything seems a little out of focus, because these are the reading glasses I wore when I was doing sprinkler repair at a friend's house. Her front yard was washing into the street. Sounded kind of intriquing to me so I had to check it out. She said her husband hates gardening! Hates it with a passion! Rather harsh descriptive words but other than that, he's a nice guy. I was working in the dirt in the front yard, happy as a lark replacing fittings. I had to turn on the hose so that I could wash off the slippery mud for my next move. I turn on the hose, (remember the lark), then turn off the hose, and at that moment all of the water pressure remaining in that hose sprays me right in the face! It's some antisyphon contraption! Jesus! Let me add that you have to lean way in, and reach behind a bush to get to the spigot, to receive your blast in the face. So now it all comes into focus! Maybe Jimmy didn't always hate gardening. He was conditioned to hate gardening. This can be fixed! The river is fixed, next it's the spigot, then it's restorative gardening for Jimmy.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, carry on and hurry back!


  1. Laura - so sorry about the spray in the face - I hope you got a laugh out of it!

  2. Doreen, My friend cautioned me from the garage, has been living with it like that for years. It's funny how we tolerate "the small things". I like the exercise where you list all of those little annoyances and eliminate them one by one, better yet, nail at first notice. Don't you agree?