Thursday, July 2, 2009

Critical Mass

I found this photo from March of last year and it is amazing to see how much the garden has changed in a year's time.

Earlier this year I recall glancing out across the garden and realizing that I had just tipped the point of critical mass and that things are suddenly starting to all add up. It feels like there's momentum, that somethings happening, and now it's time to get complicated!

I have decided to work more diligently on improving the soil and getting ahold of some garden worms so that they can do their thing. I have only seen one worm ever and it probably rode in with the apple tree. Can you imagine not having any garden worms? Scary thought. Perhaps critical mass is the point where garden worms thrive. Which brings me to this,

I killed the rhubarb. First of all I planted it in a really dark packaged mix and probably didn't mix in enough local dirt which helps to retain moisture. Then I think I overwatered it because of the proximity to the new baby chard seedlings that I was nuturing with the hose. Maybe that's why they grow them behind the garage, because they don't like to be coddled.

Sometimes I feel standoff'ish about my attitude towards the little plantings (this is the desert after all), ah they'll do fine, either they make it or they don't, (bone dry wagonwheels, that desert motif, signify this type of attitude), and other times I feel like I am gardening on Mars and the survival of the colony is depending on me.

So here's some baby basil for the colony. Standard and Purple, Yum!
Thanks for visiting! On behalf of Gardening, Carry On!


  1. You are doing well. Keep it up.

  2. You can cheat and get some red wigglers at the live bait store near you. :) I've found mulch is a great helper for worms.