Friday, July 24, 2009

Nice Weeds

Here is the main bed with 4 new melons in it. This weed is some type of fodder that I would taunt an animal with if there was a grazer nearby. We could meet at the fence.
Here is a desert bloomer that I have seen in the wild and I like the form.

Here is a closeup. Does anyone know the name?

The cannas have all but stopped flowering. I added a sprinkler and used homemade compost at the base and will watch them for changes.

Same compost here and all I have left is for the tea Leslie and I are going to make. I saw the amount of bugs happily thriving in my batch compost. To make compost is to raise roaches. I am done with raising roaches.

Did you see the movie the other night on PBS about chickens? I couldn't sleep and that's how I saw it. You have to see it. I happened upon John and Lynettes blog and they have listed parts 1 through 6 from youtube and it's available on their blog. (Copying the link is best, so you dont have blog music and video sound competing). Their blog looks like fun too.

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