Wednesday, July 29, 2009

95 Degree Posts

Digging post holes at 7:30 this morning and and it is already 95 degrees.

When I bought my first home, it had a wooden fence in the back, and I recall looking at the way the earth had eaten into the wood like lye etchings. The alkalinity is so intense that after you play in the dirt, your hands are raw and you have to slather on lotion for 2 days just to tame the little barbs. Anyway the fence blew over and I got a block wall that could begin it's fresh lye etchings. So here's my retainer bed lumber and with that so goes the cycle of life. Wrangler likes wood for the natural spring, (as does Zen), but decided long ago that the pioneer wagon kept moving on, hence no wagonwheels around here. Also, wood takes up less room than winsor block. The bed is going to be two and a half feet wide and is ok for wheelbarrow passage too.

Yesterday was so hot, that Symba refused to come outside and Winter opened it's mouth wide and braced himself, until the sprinkler came on.

A new camera crosses my mind, as does Scotty from Star Trek and witnessing teleportation.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On!

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