Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Exercise in Endurance

The sun is just over the wall and it is going to be a hot one. Here is a picture of the sunning bed which is located in one of the hotest corners of the garden. (They all seem pretty hot right now!) Here's one of the cucumbers in front of the zinnas and it seems to be doing ok.

Can you see the little preying mantis peeking from the edge?
Here's a picture of the onion bed. Actually those are chives, soft fluffy, ah.......

There will be challenges now because of the temperatures. The wind is like a furnace and there is a tipsy balance between not enough water and over watering. When you do increase the water you can get chlorosis, which can be corrected with Ironite, keeping in mind that we are not supposed to fertilize now until Fall. I look around and I can see the signs of a heat haggard-ness creeping in. This is not something that can be corrected with a hose wand, I've tried.

It reminds me of what Kim said in the opening line of her gardening blog "Delusions of Gardening." She writes, " My dreams of home-grown fruits and vegetables in the desert usually shrivel up and die around mid-July. This year will be different. It will! I know it will!"

Right On, Kim!

This is where we are now. It's an exercise in endurance. I am counting the days until this relentless heat is over.

Thanks for visiting! To all my gardening friends, Carry On!

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