Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tomato Still Life

Leslie Doyle the Tomato Lady is generous. She gifts tomatoes and creates Tomato Still Lifes on countertops all across the valley. She is akin to Johnny Appleseed to me. This image calls to me like my next painting. I'll try to ignore it as long as possible and just wave for now.

Here is an update on the rescued Tropicana canna. It has a new place in front of the patio and seems to have relaxed a bit. I think this is a job for the "Amazing Kelp" that Leslie Doyle refers to in her book. I will mix up a batch and give it a try. I will let you know when I do. I have to get the pump sprayer first and that will take a few days. We are also going to be making some compost tea next week and this is a good candidate for that as well.

Here is a hummingbird update. The hummingbirds sit on the coated landscape wire that I used to hang a mist system across an arched patio opening. He has his little beak open because he is so hot. They always sit there, so they prefer the wire diameter and proximity to their little feeder. The other birds like little finches, see the nectar in the feeder and try to get a drink from the flowers to no avail, so I am making a water feeder to hang high off of the ground because of Cat Face. I am a glue gun away from being finished with that little project. So till then, ....

Thanks for visiting! On behalf of Gardening, Carry On!

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