Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking Skyward

I hope you had a great Fourth of July! We went to Boulder City, where the Hoover Dam is located, and they have the best fireworks ever! Those pyrotechs were merciless. There were so many patterns in the sky, were lucky we didn't all have seizures.

Here's a painting update. Not a cloud in the sky today just some blue. I trying to learn how to paint leaves. Thank God I get to practice on this canvas. There's so much going on, maybe it won't be so noticable.
It rained a couple of days ago, buckets and buckets of rain and it was awesome. We sat on the back porch and contemplated horizontal lighting, and I ran in and grabbed the trash can to catch the rainwater, not really thinking it through because now the trash sits like a strange formed heap on the floor, and that rain water is going be in there for at least a week or so. (I have my thimble ready to disperse as necessary.) I am going to get a couple of trash bins just for rainwater. They will sit empty most all of the time, but at least for those 3 days a year, I'll be ready (unless they have lids on them and I am away.) Ok, I will need some advanced notice.

My new friend at the nursery is very sweet. She said I could take these home and play with them. I think they are called Desert Tomatoes. Doesn't this look like fun?
Michael and I ate at this restaurant a few years ago and had the worst dinner. The chicken was dry and tasteless, but after you realized that it might have been Desert Chicken, it really didn't taste that bad.

Here is another little present. I call this Desert Oregano. I am going to bury the stalks so that they will grow little runner roots. Is this an annual in the desert?

Thanks for visiting! To all my gardening friends, Carry On!

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  1. Laura, you're painting my favorite flowers! I love it! Have a great week! Stay cool...