Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are You Staying or Not

The tree wants to live at the neighbors. It finds the wind tunnel uninhabitable.
A 40 ft. tall tree right there sounded like a great idea in my it'll never get that tall scheme of things. Husband thinks we should saw it in half, and I already see the dozen small branches that have been whacked off by the wind on the one side, and think "Oh great, then it'll look like a tree stake with branches coming out just the one side, and I'll have to listen to what Zen would say every time I come out the door!" " Nope, Zen won't let you do that!"
The bare root fruit trees are coming up for sale in Sept. and one of them might like it here being as though that eucalyptus has halfway moved out. Just saying....

I think the lizard likes it here. He was hanging from the curtains in the living room, so we had to go over that "here" for him meant staying outside.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!

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