Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Gambling Town

Yesterday was registration for the Master Gardeners program. I signed up and then walked around the grounds. There were some interesting looking specimens that I haven't seen before but I didn't think about the camera until I saw this lovely play of colors.
There was a shade structure that was the holding place for all of this treasure. The plants were piled in waiting to be planted in their respective spots and given their latin names. Personally I like them just like this. Wouldn't it be wild to have a person stand next to you all of the time and say the latin name for each and every species you happen upon? I promise I won't become that person.
Back at Black Mountain Garden, with the water installed and the dirt dry enough to plant seeds, it was time for the plan.

The plan changed immediately due to the amount of sunlight the bed is getting next to the wall in the middle of the day now. It will be carrots instead of broccoli, which would probably get gangly needing more light and more space anyway so they might as well go in the traveling pots.
Using sticks to layout the design, I set about planting the seeds. This is a gambling town, and I am gambling that even though it might be a little early for planting some of the things that I have planted in my fall garden today, things are just going to work out okay. And with that, we will let the one that says things like "either they'll grow or they won't" take us out. "Take us out Wrangler!"

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!

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  1. I took the Master Gardener classes in Boise a few years ago. The classes was amazing!