Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calling Epiphany

Yesterday I installed a new irrigation valve just for the vegetables and herbs that do require more water then the drought tolerant ornamentals that are scattered about. I'll be able to plant the area under the apple tree, and water the kitchen garden items that are sprinkled about in both the lily bed and iris bed. Eventually this line will extend to the sunning bed where there will be another raised bed to take care of the visions of artichokes that will be over there. Artichokes are so cool. They are a big thistle!

At 100 degrees it was time for a break and a few photos. Here is a pickling cucumber sprawled out across the hot rocks.
Here is an update on the peaches that are fattening up.
And now the raised bed. I sprayed Die Bug (D.E.) on the radishes and turnips last night just to console myself from thinking that I was powerless against the midnight salad rampage that takes place here nightly. This place is crazy as crickets come nightfall. I will reseed the lettuce, but until then I am waiting for an epiphany.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!

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