Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Schedule an Intervention

With no place to plant broccoli, and a great day to plant broccoli being today and tomorrow according to my new sources, I head out to get a tree box (cheap wood frame for the large trees) thinking I could cut it in half and use it as two square frames, fill it 10 inches high, and be on my way, that way I could plant the broccoli and hold out until next year to decide if I was relocating the cactus bed to put a new bed for vegetables in it's place. So I head to my favorite nursery and just happen to ask about the collapsed wood tubs, figuring they'd be certainly less then $39.95 each because they were in heaps of pieces! Can you believe it! They were $5.00 each! I hit the motherlode! (They weren't easy to put back together mind you until I grew a few new synapsis'! )
So with my raised bed situation all squared (circled) away I don't have to vegetable garden in the rocks.
This is where the artichoke was supposed to go. The dusty green pot satisfies that calling for now.
And here is the very last one and my favorite! I have the strongest desire to get an old levered water pump to place next to this one! I haven't written about it before but the back wall is 2 stories high and I made a promise long ago to keep water away from the back wall so that the people below me wouldn't have to look at the water stain across there visual horizon. So this adds some interest and green, and keeps the water contained! Tommorrow I go to Leslies to pot up about 2000 lettuces (She said 2000) and other vegetables, and then I can get some dirt on my way home and fill these tubs up to finally plant the broccoli. Do I need an intervention? Possibly so, but after about the fourth, and they do no good, what's the point! (Ask my husband!)
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!

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