Friday, August 21, 2009

Doolittle Community Gardens

Today I met with Don Fabbi, of the Doolittle Community Garden in Las Vegas. Don is like the grand wizard of the garden and you can pretty much find him there almost every day of the week answering questions, organizing details and doing whatever else needs to be done to keep everything on target. It is planting time now for fall crops and some of the beds had been freshly planted.
As part of the tour there were some unusual plants to see. This cotton with red tinted leaves was interesting with it's rose colored blossoms and bursting cotton balls.
Don mentioned that in winter the cotton plants are quite striking in the landscape as a dried ornamental, and in spring the birds like to gather the cotton for nesting material.
This is Indian Cotton with brown colored fluff.

There are peanuts growing in a few of the beds and they are totally foreign to me.
This mammoth sunflower was quite ominous and I wondered how I would capture the scale,

So Don agreed to pose by the sunflower as he held up a flowerhead that had recently been granted to the birds. They will really like this towering monster!
There are 40 beds arranged throughout the property and many of the gardeners are seniors who would prefer to garden in the shade which is why the shade cloth has been provided.

The sign says "Plant a Row for the Hungry", and that was the last impression before I left.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!

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