Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tie One On

Patti Kathlene, the country western karaoke signing seamstress friend of mine made me a couple of aprons after our antique excursion to Boulder City last week.
Everyone needs something with dingo balls on it in their wardrobe and this one is ridiculously cute! The other one is my alltime favorite and perfect to wear to bring in the fall weather and maybe wrestle with pumpkins or pie or both.

I say Tie One On! Thank you Patti Kathlene! Wanna go sing on Friday? The pizzas on me!

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!


  1. You really did tie one on :). She did a lovely job making the aprons, I have been getting the urge to get out my sewing machine, but to find the time is another story.

  2. I love old fashioned aprons. I have three that belonged to my husband's grandmother hanging in the kitchen.
    The yellow one with pom pom fringe is adorable.

  3. Just too cute! Makes me smile just to look at them.